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It can be hard to remember all of the things in your house that need regular maintenance. However, some are more important than others, and if you care about your water bill, being more environmentally friendly, and safety in your home, then your hot water unit needs to be at the top of the list.

The importance of servicing your hot water unit

A few months ago Newman Plumbing received a call from a customer in Templestowe asking us to come out to a property because they had an abnormally large water bill for that period. Our plumber found that the customers had an old hot water unit that was clearly running on fumes. It was poorly maintained and hadn’t been serviced regularly. Accordingly, the unit was not functioning properly. It was highly inefficient, so while it did still provide hot water, it wasn’t anywhere near as clean running as a modern system. Plus, it was leaking.

On our expert advice and recommendations, the customers decided that enough was enough, and replaced their old hot water service with a modern, 5 star energy efficient unit. Newman Plumbing were also able to provide new, water efficient tapware for the customer’s shower, basins, and bath.

When they switched over, our customers noted an immediate difference. Their water bill significantly decreased, without any shortfalls in how their system provided hot water.

What happens without regular servicing?

During a service, all of the major components of the system are checked. That means any damage or degradation is found periodically, so often it can be fixed before it becomes a major problem.

The high risk areas like the gas and water lines into and out of the unit can quickly become problems, even if they seemed fine at the last inspection. These joins are the areas most likely to leak, and if they aren’t found quickly, can cost you (and the environment) a lot in wasted water.

Similarly, ensuring that the gas burner and pressure release valves are functioning is vital for health and safety. Hot water units are highly dangerous, and should any of the major components fail, particularly the pressure valve, then the excess pressure will have no way to escape.

Without regular servicing, the risks of anything dangerous happening dramatically increase. These systems are not bulletproof, so while the risk is small, it’s not worth testing.

hot water repairs melbourneA name you can trust

For plumbers Melbourne Eastern suburbs residents can rely on, look no further than Newman Plumbing. We provide expert advice from a local, professional provider. Whether you need a plumber Templestowe wide, or anywhere else in the Eastern suburbs, we can give you the qualified maintenance your system needs, so you can have peace of mind.

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