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Newman Plumbing are experts in fixing leaking taps in the homes and offices of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

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Leaking taps and toilets in a home can be annoying, not to mention the waste of water. One thing we’re all concerned about these days is water management. If leaking taps are left to fester, it may cause water damage to building foundations.

Our background in maintenance plumbing services mean that we have extensive experience in servicing, repairing and replacing all types of leaking taps. This includes the taps in your typical kitchen, bathroom, and garden.

At Newman Plumbing, we’ve been servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for almost 30 years and have pretty much seen it all. That’s why we carry a wide range of quality exclusive tapware for all our Melbourne customers.

The supply and installation of a new basin set, shower, bath, or laundry tap can be replaced without fuss. Not to mention the installation of new tapware can really spark up a bathroom or laundry without resorting to major renovation!

If you have received a water bill that is higher than usual, this could be the result of a leaking tap on your property or within your home.

Water leaks can be any of the following:

  • Dripping hot or cold taps
  • Leaking/running toilet cistern
  • Burst water pipe under the house or underground in the garden
  • Faulty appliances including; hot water solar panels, hot water systems and evaporative coolers
  • New installed, faulty or incorrectly programmed sprinkler dripper systems

All of the leaks above will have an effect on your water bill. Even small water leaks can result in the loss of thousands of litres of water.

Leaking tap Water-Meter-Leak-Detection
If you suspect that you have a leaking tap, there are a few checks you can do yourself to investigate water usage at your property and test for a leak.

  • Check your water meter
  • Conduct a water leak test
  • Check your homes fittings and bathroom fixtures
We also carry quality kitchen sink mixer taps with great warranties ready for that quick changeover. All our taps are professionally installed and where practicable. New isolating taps can be fitted to the hot and cold water connection points under the bench for ongoing, easy maintenance.
Newman stocks new, quality taps non leaking taps
The bathroom is a commonly used area in a home. Delaying repairs could result in further damage to cupboards and floors due to a major flood or burst of water. A leaking shower is not only annoying, but can end up double or tripling your water bill as it means a waste of precious water down the drain! You can’t afford to let a leaking tap or shower continue unattended.

Newman Plumbing, the Melbourne eastern suburbs’ plumber of choice will locate the cause of your leaking tap or shower, and come up with a solution to the problem. With an upfront quote, your leaking tap can be fixed and the plumbing nightmare over in no time!

Don’t put up with annoying leaking taps anymore. Contact Newman Plumbing and get your taps in order!

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Bathroom and Kitchen taps Garden tap
Russell from Newman Plumbing came to our home today for repairs to some leaking taps in our bathroom. I have been living with dripping taps for far to long! I don’t know why I put up with them for so long. He supplied and fitted new chrome taps which has made such a huge difference to our bathroom. Thank you.<span class="su-quote-cite"> Julie, Templestowe</span>

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