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Newman Plumbing delivers timely and effective responses to all enquiries regarding the restoration of blocked drains and sewers around Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and considers them a top priority.

Blocked drains can be a home owner’s worst nightmare!

Whether it’s blocked drains, blocked sewer lines, or a blocked storm water pipe, this can be one of the most frustrating and inconvenient plumbing problems you can have – especially if you are experiencing raw sewage running down your driveway, across your garden or worse, through your home!

Throughout our experience within the industry, we’ve become acquainted with the tell tale signs of a blocked drain. We believe that homeowners and business owners alike should have an understanding of how they can recognise whether a drain is blocked or not. There are three clear indications that your drainage system has a block somewhere along the lines, these are:

  • A foul stench from the drains themselves
  • Manholes or external grates overflowing, signs of toilet paper around them
  • Waste not dispersing when the toilet is flushed

However, before one of these three signs are made evident, you’ll be greeted with several warning signs. If you act as soon as these signs become apparent, you can prevent your drains from becoming totally blocked.

Some warning signs for blocked drains include:

  • A gurgling sound as you flush the toilet or empty water from the basin, shower, sink or bath
  • Water levels within the toilet being significantly lower than usual or pulsing
  • Sinks within the property will have a smell about them due to trapped waste inside which cannot disperse correctly
  • Overflowing outside gully and grates when the clothes laundry washing machine empties

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, then your drainage system may be blocked. Instead of poking around in the dark, not knowing what you’re really doing or hoping to achieve, call us here at Newman Plumbing services. Our experienced and specially trained team of plumbers  will be able to unblock any drains and waste pipes using the latest technology and techniques to ensure water flows through effectively. The Equipment we use to clear blocked drains and waste pipes is first rate and well maintained.

What lurks beneath the surface? Many old pipes are susceptible to the infiltration of Tree Roots.
For prompt response plumbing service, contact Newman Plumbing 0418 328 767

“The Difference is Dramatic”

We have a variety of specialized nozzles that removes and breaks through blockages and the Turbo root cutter for those adventitious tree roots!
Drain Camera
If needed, we are able to assess the severity and location of the blockage by inserting a drain camera allowing us to thoroughly investigate the lining of the drain. The inspection can also be recorded and sent to our customers for their records.
Water Jet
We can advise you of any works or preventative maintenance to be carried out. This is where a clear demonstration of our professionalism and care for our customers drains can be exhibited.
Rigid Locator
A pipe locator can also be used to track the camera while in the drain and provide the position of the drain and a depth if required. This tool is an absolute time saver for locating problem areas if required or just locating the line of the drain.
Sanafoam Vaporooter
Vaporooter applicator
Vaporooter treated pipe
Maintain Your Drains Against Tree Roots Using The Sanafoam Vaporooter Process. At times functionally sound drains lose their tight seal. This occurs because the sealant at the joins of the pipe deteriorated allowing tree roots to re-enter into the drain. Newman Plumbing Pty Ltd prevents this from occurring by applying Sanafoam Vaporooter tree root control foam to the inside of your drains.

How It Works.
Sanafoam Vaporooter works by covering the tree roots found in the drain by a herbicide formula. The herbicide that has treated the offending tree roots in the drain decay and get flushed out of the drain. The approved herbicide foam makes contact with tree roots inside the drain and causes them to decay within the drain. The product is non systemic so it does not travel up the tree roots and cause the tree any further harm. This product is so effective that we will give you a 12 month guarantee that no tree roots will re-enter into the section of the drain that was treated.

For more information on Sanafoam Vaporooter and our Guarantee please go to our Sanafoam Vaporooter and Sanafoam Vaporooter FAQ page

Electric Eel
The Electric Eel has an array of different cutters which can be used to clear the prevailing blockages in either the sewer or stormwater drains. Cable sections and auger cutters are replaced on a regular basis as preventative maintenance against breakages in the drains due to old cables causing costly excavations.We have a range of smaller drain cleaners, water jets, soda guns, augers etc to clear those difficult waste pipes around the home: From the Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry

So if you have any blocked drains or waste pipes around the home please don’t hesitate to contact us and arrange an appointment with our plumbing services.

Flushing blocked drains

Do you have a leaking Tap or Appliance? Need a NEW hot water service? Got blocked drains or tree root problems? Contact Newman Plumbing on (03) 0418 328 767

Many thanks for the plumbing work you completed at our home today. I was impressed with your plumbing knowledge in attending to what turned out to be a complicated job.
I also appreciate the prompt attention that we received. RegardsGordon, Mount Waverley

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