Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions

What lurks beneath the surface? Many old pipes are susceptible to the infiltration of Tree Roots.

Have you experienced blocked sewer pipes caused by tree roots? Put a stop to it with Vaporooter Foaming Sewer Root Inhibitor.

Save your drain pipes, time & money without harming your trees!

For prompt response plumbing service, contact Newman Plumbing 0418 328 767

For prompt response plumbing service, contact Newman Plumbing 0418 328 767

Many old pipes, especially those laid before the 1980s are susceptible to the infiltration of Tree Roots.

Traditional methods of cutting tree roots actually allow the tree roots to grow back bigger and stronger than before, thereby exacerbating the tree root problem.

A better solution – Use modern technology

One application of the Sanafoam Vaporooter System will solve:

  1. The Tree Root Invasion Problem
  2. Prevent Future Infiltrations
  3. Prevent Blockages and Overflows
  4. Prolong the Life of Your Drain Pipes

Don’t wait for your Tree Roots to become a problem that costs significant resources to repair. One Annual Application by our Licensed Vaporooter applicator will ensure Root Regrowth does not occur.

Call Newman Plumbing Pty. Ltd. today to assess your drain pipes. We can identify and show you how to remove roots in pipes before they cause a devastating back-up in your system.

Sewer Root Control is proven and effective with the Sanafoam Vaporooter System.


How Vaporooter Foaming Sewer Root Inhibitor Works


Clear the blockage by water jet.


Inspect by camera and supply DVD for customer assessment.


Apply Sanafoam Vaporooter System using herbicides to prevent infiltration of the roots and deterioration of sewer pipes. This system is applied annually and will not damage trees.

Vaporooter, a great preventative.

Before drainage TreatmentBefore Treatment

Vaporooter Applied to drainVaporooter Applied

fixing blocked drains MelbourneAfter only 4 months

Examples of a drain, excavated as a result of tree root damage.

Ripping up pipes
Path drain damage Camberwell
blocked drains damage

A properly maintained system will be cost effective with a 12 month guarantee for peace of mind. The earlier we attend to the sewer pipes the less deterioration of the pipes will occur. It is your choice how many stages you proceed with so please contact us on 0418 328 767 to discuss further.