Need a Box Hill Plumber?

Plumbing problems can be an absolute catastrophe, with leaking water, blocked waste pipes and overflowing drains to carbon monoxide from your heater to mention a few. If this is the case where you need an experienced Box Hill plumber, then look no further than Newman Plumbing! We have been providing high-quality plumbing services across Box Hill and the Melbourne eastern suburbs for more almost 30 years and have tackled every problem you can imagine.

Our expertise comes from years of experience since our incorporation in 1988 and our long – standing membership with the Master Plumbers Association since 1985.

As we’ve been operating since 1988, we have become a trusted and reliable plumbing service in Box Hill and Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. This is built on the outstanding reputation and understanding we have built up within the local community. We pride ourselves on our promise to arrive on time and getting the job done with providing efficient plumbing solution.


We know how inconvenient it is to wait for a serviceman, which is why efficiency and reliability are vital to our reputation within the community. It is because of this that our clients know our friendly team will do a quality job in a fast and efficient manner. But don’t just take our word for it, Our customers never hesitate when it comes to giving us amazing feedback. Just recently, Alina left these glowing comments about her exceptional experiences:Eastern suburbs Melbourne plumbing

The thing I like most about Russell and Newman Plumbing is that, for years, whenever I’ve rung him with a plumbing emergency (these have included blocked drains, flooded heating ducts, bung hot water units, busted pipes, disintegrating taps) he’s swept in like a superhero, literally within an hour or so of me calling, to fix the problem. It’s literally like “who was that masked man?”

Russell has to be the most efficient and knowledgeable plumber in existence and he will solve your problems completely in double quick time. You will never hear Russell say “I can be there by, maybe, Thursday” and you’ll never have to ring him to say “It’s still not working properly”.

Russell solves your plumbing problems completely with no messing around. Couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Not only do we have a fantastic reputation among the eastern suburbs, but we are also a long-standing member of the Master Plumbers Association. This guarantees you more than just a quality and professional job. When you place a call with us, you have the added backup and support of the Master Plumbers Association – just on the off chance that something could go wrong. In addition to this, our Master Plumbers specialise in everything from gas and heating to drainage, leaking taps, repairs to toilets, and hot water.

So, when you need a local plumber, there is no better plumbing service to call than Newman Plumbing Box Hill. We’re proud of our outstanding reputation across the eastern suburbs and we make sure that no customer walks away unsatisfied.

If you live or work in Box Hill, or any of the nearby Melbourne eastern suburbs, you’ll want a reliable plumbing resource to call on – whether it’s for that sudden emergency, scheduled home maintenance or home improvement work. You’ll want a quarter of a century of experience, backed up with local know-how. In other words you’ll want Newman Plumbing.

Key Newman Plumbing services available in Box Hill:

Swift clearing of blocked drains – including the use of Sanafoam Vaporooter II foaming sewer tree root control and problem preventer. We also undertake diagnostic drain camera work where needed.

Including quick repairs to, or complete and careful installation of, hot water systems. From burst units to leaking valves, or units that simply fail to relight, we can help. Talk to us also about vital regular maintenance to keep your system in tip-top shape.

So much damage can be caused by a leaks – and they never go away of their own accord! Whenever you suspect a leak, from your roof to household or business taps, malfunctioning toilets or the hell of burst pipes – we are ready to rush to the rescue anywhere in Kew or nearby.

We offer highly professional and fully licensed gas plumbing and fitting services. From servicing or repairing your cooker top, space heater, or gas operated ducted heating units, to the installation of a new system, or upgrade of your current one, we can install, fit, repair, and fault test your gas appliances and lines, and assess your vital carbon monoxide detection needs.


How can Newman Plumbing help you in Box Hill?

Our experienced team of plumbers have the know-how to solve plumbing issues that are common to Box Hill residents. Don’t delay. Your customer-comes-first plumbing experience is just a call away.

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