Why You Shouldn’t Ignore A Leaking Tap: Lessons Learnt in Balwyn North

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We all know that ignoring small problems can lead to big trouble, but a leaking tap is often overlooked for far too long. Suffering through incessant dripping may be something you can justify, but the increased risk to your home and health are not.

Worse still, is the scenario that proud new homeowners were faced with when moving into their Balwyn North home. The new owners were unaware of the leaking kitchen tap and found out the hard way when their kitchen become flooded. Thankfully, they picked up the phone and gave us a call. As experienced and qualified local Melbourne plumbers, Newman Plumbing were able to diagnose and fix the issue.

Now, the homeowners in Balwyn North can finally relax into their new home, knowing that their house is free of any such plumbing issues.

Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t ignore a leaking tap.

1. There Could Be Other Leaks

Every Australian knows water management is particularly important and Melbournians who lived through the water restrictions of the 2000s should know better. The worst part is, if your tap is leaking from the faucet, it’s likely leaking elsewhere as well. The old plumbing of many Melbourne residences getting a hard beating with our intense storms and humidity each and every year, so if a seal has worn away in one place, it likely has in others too.

2. Mould Can Damage Your Health

Inviting a professional plumber into your home during Covid-19 may seem scary, but it’s not an excuse to put your ongoing health at risk.
Leaking taps almost always come hand-in-hand with mould. As we start to spend more time at home due to remote work, this can be a big risk to your health, your family’s, and your pets.
Newman Plumbing is a family owned and operated business that cares about quality customer service, workmanship, and as such, has worked hard to implement Covid-Safe practices to ensure safe and healthy homes for all of our customers.

3. Repairs Can Become More Costly

As a renter, the deeper damage that is caused by a leaking tap could be your worst nightmare. Wasted water is not only bad for the environment but will rust and rot away unseen until the small problem of a leaky tap becomes a rotting stench behind a wall. Your landlord will be less than impressed if the problem could have been easily averted by simply calling a professional plumber long ago, and your deposit will likely be used for damages.

So if you have a leaky tap in Melbourne that’s just started to be a bother ─ or it’s been going for some time ─ contact Newman Plumbing.

We have a range of different taps and faucets which can be fitted to suit your home, so just give us a call.

As professional plumbers Melbourne Eastern suburbs residents can trust, we take every problem seriously no matter how small.






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