Why You Should Fix A Leaking Tap

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The sound of a leaking tap is one of the most niggling, annoying problems you can have around the house. Not only can it be quite distracting, but it can also be the cause of some costly issues down the track. In our busy lives, finding and fixing a leaking tap isn’t always high on the priority list but it really should be. Here are some of the reasons why.

1 – Save On Your Water Billsave money on your water bill

It’s not surprising to hear that leaking taps can add extra dollars to already expensive and ever rising water bills. It’s estimated that one leaking tap left for 356 days could waste 20,000 liters of water. This equates to around $150 extra on your water bill every year!

2 – Water Damage

A leaking tap can seem harmless but constant dripping from a tap is, in fact, quite dangerous. A leaking tap that’s left unfixed can cause water to pool under cupboards and around the joins of sinks and vanities. These pools of water around sinks can eat into silicone and erode joins, which then allows germs to sit and fester.

Even worse, if leaks get into floorboards, it doesn’t take long for water to rot through these creating a very costly exercise to fix as opposed to just a leaking tap.

3 – Costlier to Leave It Than to Fix Itwater damage floorboards

Leaking taps put undue stress on the overall plumbing system of your home or business. If you rent a property and don’t notify your realtor or landlord as soon as you see the fault you could be liable for any ensuing damages.

If you’re a home owner and leave the tap to continue leaking, you might encounter one or more types of water damage (see point 2 above) and that will always amount to more than hiring a licensed plumber to fix your leaking tap once and for all.

4 – Health Hazards

Water from leaking taps can also be a real health hazard. For instance, water can drip down cupboards and walls, creating wet conditions, perfect for the growth of mould. Mouldy environments harbor harmful contaminants, called mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are disastrous for asthma and allergy sufferers. Therefore if you know there’s a leaking tap in your house, it’s worth fixing it before your health pays the price instead.

5 – Good for the Environment

Water that leaks from a tap all day and night is simply not good for the environment. By fixing your leaking taps around the house, you can help do your part for the environment, as well as saving money in your water bills and stopping costly potential water damage.

BONUS – Finally Being Able to Upgrade Your Tapwarefancy tapware

If you’re encountering leaking taps in your house, it’s likely you’ve had your taps for some time. Fixing your leaking taps will provide you with the opportunity to upgrade your tapware and give your kitchen and bathroom a bit of refresh while you’re at it.

Fixing your leaking taps doesn’t have to be difficult, but even if you’re quite handy with the tools or have experience with DIY projects around the home, remember to always have your tap installed by a licensed plumber. There’s no substitute for quality and experience and DIY mistakes can be very costly.

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