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Choose a professional –

“To be a professional, is to use education, experience and training to do work, anaylse, problem solve and make sound decisions. A professional must know and deliver sound advice to the client based on accumulated knowledge. A professional is held in high regard because they are more experienced than the client. Commercialism is the use of marketing and advertising to sell products and services regardless of the needs and requirements of a customer.”

This is one reason you don’t see Newman Plumbing advertise 10% off, special today, discount coupons or fancy cash back offers.
Just real guarantees for a quality plumbing job. 

Whether it is service to your hot water heater, blocked drains, water leaks or leaking taps and other household plumbing maintenance problems. 
Newman Plumbing has over 30 years experience in solving the plumbing problems of our east Melbourne customers.

The reality of doing business today is that many companies choose commercialism over professionalism. The drive to make money supercedes the passion to deliver quality, professional services. 
You also need to ask yourself if something does go wrong with the job or service provided will they be around to back up there work?

A professional will tell you honestly if your project is untenable and offer solutions. They will highlight the limitations and risks of the project. They will back up their advice by articles, studies, research and experience.

A professional is not pushy. They give you space to make decisions and do not employ marketing and advertising techniques to sell you one size fits all solutions.
A professional will invest time, money and energy into research and development. They will operate with ethics by always doing the best for their client based on current knowledge.
A professional will be up to date in their field and will not rely on word of mouth or rumour but will research, analyse and test information for accuracy and relevance.
A professional won’t make you feel as though you should be priveleged to do business with them.
Professional societies and associations play their role in the proliferation of professionalism. Most such associations exist to promote the professionalisation and prestige of certain occupations by providing and / or regulating training and some form of certification. These associations are non-profit and are sustained by a combination of the volunteer efforts of members, subscriptions and fees for services. At the same time, professional associations have a strong interest in ensuring that the practice of relevant professions is undertaken by properly trained practitioners so as to enhance the professions’ prestige. The effect, in any given case, is to exclude those not sanctioned by an association or by government institutions with which it collaborates. Thus, professional associations both expand and constrict the professions. They also attempt to improve the services offered by professionals through provision of information at conferences, and via newsletters, journals and other publications containing updates in a particular field or pending legislation that may affect members.



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