What is a Drain Camera and Why are they used?

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When you’re having issues with your drainage, it can be incredibly difficult to see what the problem is. After all, a lot of your drains are hidden and obscured, making locating the blockage almost impossible. That’s where a plumber and their specialist tools are a must. In this article, we discuss what a drain camera is and why a drain camera is used, with the importance of getting the right plumber.

What Is A Drain Camera?

A drain camera is an incredibly useful tool for a plumber when examining a blocked drain. These cameras offer HD video streams in real-time, which plumbers use to take a look inside clogged waterways. These are highly flexible and come on the end of what looks like a hose, which is in fact full of electronics. The flexibility of a hose means that the camera can go all the way into a drain, snaking its way through the system until it finds a blockage. Whilst there are a wide range of drain cameras available on the market, they all do approximately the same thing in the plumbing process.

Why Is A Drain Camera Used?

There are a few reasons that a drain camera is used, including:

Reach Deeper Blockages

The biggest benefit of a drain camera is that it reaches even the deepest of blockages. These cameras can be used in a range of situations, with the ability to extend dozens of feet in some cases. You can find exactly where the issue is regardless of how far away from the entrance it is.


It seems obvious, but a drain camera is a waterproof option. If you’ve blocked your drains, there are a few solutions you might have tried like putting a small camera in. However, a flooded drain destroys this possibility. A specifically designed drain camera won’t be damaged by spending too long in the water.

Spot Additional Issues

When you put a drain camera down the drain, it’s usually for a specific reason. However, when a camera is in there it can do more than unblock the drain. By looking for additional smaller issues in the drain, you can protect your property from any future problems.

Try Newman Plumbing

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