Water Saving Fixtures – Just How Important Are They?

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Water is something that is essential for everyone in their day to day lives. From showering or washing and drinking to gardening and agricultural needs, water consumption is a concerning factor that needs to be addressed. For something that we use so frequently day to day, it’s surprising that we quite often take advantage of an extremely valuable resource that is far from infinite.

You can take immediate action to reduce your water expenditure, whether you’re a homeowner, renter or in process of building or renovation of your home. Acknowledging and becoming more aware of personal habits in regards to water wastage will provide the opportunity to become a more efficient water saving friendly household.

Taking the steps to upgrade your household with water saving fixtures is a procedure will benefit you in the future. Making the effort to be less wasteful with water consumption will benefit you in the long term. Financial savings include a noticeable decrease in your power and electric bill, and opting to install water-saving fixtures within your home will contribute to a more manageable budget and reduce bill expenditure overall.

What is water efficiency?

Water efficiency is defined as using less water to achieve the same result or same service. Water efficiency is able to be achieved by being more selective when choosing appliances within the home – what efficiency rating does your dishwasher or washing machine have? Using water efficient appliance models will achieve exactly the same desired result, but use less water to achieve it.

Renovation and building

Often considered the most optimal, this is the prime time for selection of converting your home into a water-efficient haven. Making the decision to install water efficient appliances from the get go is ideal for water users striving to become more water-use friendly. You can also install a ‘third pipe’ which supplies toilets and taps used for watering cars or gardens with recycled water, which helps save drinking water.

Another option to consider is to install rainwater storage tanks and greywater systems, a useful method for reducing water wastage within the garden. It is recommended to plan the installation of these methods upon the building planning stage.

What to do if you’re renting

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If you feel like there aren’t too many options available to select from due to renting, there are still possible steps you can take to become a more water efficient household, like having a simple chat with the landlord about the possibility of installing water-saving shower heads or dual flush toilets. The landlord most likely will be happy to discuss options to save water and money!

Installing water saving fixtures within your home is highly recommended. The long-term investment is worthwhile, and you are successfully and responsibly making the environmentally-friendly decision to save water resources, while reducing both your power and water bills.

It is also useful to check local government provisions in relation to water consumption, as water rebates are often available for consumers opting to be water efficient. Go water friendly today!


For more information and tips on becoming a water-efficient consumer, check out our ecowise web page or

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