Urgent Hot Water Unit Replacement in Box Hill South

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Why you should always have your hot water unit serviced by a professional plumber.

All too often here at Newman Plumbing, we come across everyday plumbing services and appliances that wreak havoc on a household but could have been minimised or even preventable.

aqua max hot wateraqua max hot water fixed by newman plumbing box hillRecently, we picked up the phone from a customer in Box Hill south with an urgent call regarding a leaking hot water unit. Given the urgency of the call, our Plumbers attended the property quickly to inspect the situation.

We identified that the customer had allowed dirt to build up around the base of their hot water service and ducted heating unit resulting in damage to their hot water service. It’s vital that all hot water and heating services are maintained on a regular basis and kept free of any possible build-ups that could cause an issue down the track.

The second issue here was the location of the hot water unit, which made accessing the unit quite challenging. It is often after a hot water unit is installed and another trade or customer builds a deck or constructs a concrete path around the hot water service which obstructs access to the unit for servicing. This can also create an illegal and possible dangerous situation.

It is very important for plumbing appliances to be accessible for servicing and maintenance as well as future replacement.

Thankfully, Newman Plumbing is an experienced plumbing service with the latest plumbing tools and equipment and were therefore able to gain access to the unit safely.

Once we had access, we then replaced the hot water service of the Box Hill south resident and as always, we took the old unit away for recycling. We subsequently fitted new valves and made alterations to the plumbing to suit the new hot water unit.

Once the job had been completed, the customer was also advised of servicing the hot water service and points to look out for with their new 5-star efficient hot water unit

We also advised the customer of the relighting procedure of the hot water service and that we have a relighting Aquamax hotwater units video on our Newman Plumbing hot water page which can also be viewed below.

Next time you need maintenance services on your plumbing equipment – call Newman Plumbing – the trusted Melbourne eastern suburbs plumber since 1988.


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