Tree roots in sewer drains

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Blocked Sewer Drains, What a nightmare! Nobody likes blocked sewer drains. Everything in the household may be put out of action as a result of this kind of blockage. If left unattended and ignored the problem only becomes worse. But with the right equipment and know how the problem can be resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

A customer in Surrey Hills was relieved with the technology and specialised equipment that was used by Newman Plumbing to clear their drains. With an established garden and narrow pathways to their period style home, it was modern equipment that prevailed. The old earthenware drains were invaded with tree roots from the rear of the home to the front of the property. The powerful water jet made short work of clearing the entire bore of the earthenware sewer drains. Different water jet nozzles used to remove the adventitious tree roots and the drains were flushed clear. Inspection of the earthenware drains with our drain camera provided reassurance of the condition and integrity of the drains. Our customer was curious has to just how “The tree roots survived so well in the pipes”
Tree roots require oxygen to grow. They do not grow in pipes that are full of water or where high groundwater conditions prevail. Roots thrive in the warm, moist, nutrient rich atmosphere above the water surface inside sanitry pipes.
The flow of warm water inside the sanitry sewer pipe causes water vapour to escape to the cold soil surrounding the pipe. The leading tip of tree roots can detect minute differences in moisture and nutrients and tend to grow in the direction where these can be found.

On reaching a crack or joint in the pipe, tree roots will penetrate the opening to reach the nutrients and moisture inside the pipe. This phenomenon continues in winter even though trees appear to be dormant.
Once inside the pipe, roots will continue to grow, and if not disturbed, they may completely fill the pipe with multiple hair like root masses at each point of entry. The root mass inside the pipe becomes matted with grease, tissue paper and other debris discharged from the residence.
The homeowner will notice the first signs of a slow flowing drainage system by hearing gurgling noises from toilet bowls and observing wet areas around ground drains after completing the laundry. A complete blockage may occur if no remedial action is taken to remove and further control root growth.

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