Tree Root Invasion

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A customer in Hawthorn East was being flooded under their home every time there was a heavy rain event. We diagnosed the problem to actually be towards the front of the property. The drain was inspected by our drain camera where we were able to demonstrate the amount of tree root invasion that had occurred within their stormwater drain. There was a lot of fibreous tree roots upstream from the stormwater outlet which was located at the curbe and channel in the street. The stormwater drain was cleared by our water jet and further inspection of the drain could be made with our drain camera.
After years of problems with water flooding under their home and the potential for serious water damage to building foundations, our customer was relieved to see the amount of tree roots removed as well as the dirt built up within the drain over the years. The drains still appeared to still be in reasonable condition considering the amount of tree root invasion and the large “Lilli Pilli” tree in the front yard which they didn’t want to touch! Further drain cleaning with the water jet upstream from the cleared section removed more dirt and ensured clear flow from upstream downpipes. This also helped confirm the initial diagnosis was correct. The main problem with the drain was at the front of the property and our customer was able to keep their garden and landscaping intact.

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