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For a warm home it’s essential to keep your heating appliances serviced and maintained.The frequency of cleaning the heater will depend on local conditions, so regular inspection should be performed. To ensure that your heater continues to operate at peak efficiency, it should be serviced at two year intervals by a licensed gasfitter. This service of the heating unit will include all maintenance and adjustments to components such as burners, ignition system, fan assembly and heat exchanger. If a return air filter in the return air grille is fitted regular cleaning and checking every few weeks in peak season is good maintenance.

A blocked filter can seriously affect the heaters performance and economical operation. As with all gas appliances it is important that no articles are placed on or against your heater. Not only for the fire risk but this type of obstruction can prevent proper airflow and effect the operation of your heater. This is also why it is important to ensure that the flue terminals on external heaters are kept clear of plant growth or any other obstructions. As with all types of servicing, cleaning the heater and ensuring that the system is operating at maximum efficiency guarantees peak performance, it also allows any minor problems to be detected early. This ensures that the heater will always be ready when you need it.

Gas heater inspection can also detect gas leaks within your heater unit. A gas heater can potentially leak carbon monoxide severely harming unsuspecting home owners. Recently, a family of four in Rochester were found to be suffering from early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a gas heater leak. To prevent gas heater leaks get your heater inspected once every two years

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