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Over the past 30+ years, Newman Plumbing has had the pleasure of servicing many customers in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, some of which we have helped more than once. This is in part due to our Newman Plumbing stickers that we place on old appliances so that customers have an easy point of reference to get back in touch with us when their next service is due.

Recently we were called out to an oddly familiar residence in Templestowe, only to discover that there was a Newman Plumbing sticker on the hot water unit that must have been around 20 years old! We helped this Templestowe customer with several jobs, which included:

  • A gas ducted heating unit and hot water service that were old and required replacement
  • The installation of new and more efficient appliances

The above 2 tasks involved us removing the old heating unit as well as their old appliances that had serviced the home faithfully for many years. It was only recently that the customer had experienced a few problems and decided it was more economical to install the latest efficient units to service their home with heating and hot water.









  • Plumbing repairs which were carried out on an internal toilet

We identified a small issue with the toilet and were able to reinstate the toilet to its full working order for years to come.

  • The clearing of a sewer blockage

First, we cleared this sewer blockage by machine and then inspected the drains with our drain camera where tree roots were prevalent. The customer was advised about our Sanafoam Vaporooter sewer maintenance program and this was booked in for an ongoing service for the customer’s sewer drains.

Before and after Sanafoam Vaporooter









With all of these plumbing services taken care of, our Templestowe customer was highly relieved. Not only did they have efficient, new appliances but they also had the peace of mind to ensure problem free service for many years to come.

If you have a plumbing problem and would like us to take a look, just call 0418 328 767


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