Tap Repairs in Mont Albert North

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One Tuesday evening, we received a call at Newman Plumbing regarding a shower mixer that was leaking in a household bathroom. The customer had searched Google for a local plumber in Mont Albert North, and saw Newman Plumbing’s quality reviews and website and called us immediately.

Grohe shower mixer boxWe were able to advise the customer over the phone on how to isolate her water supply and get the situation under control. Through our thorough phone support, this customer was able to avoid an afterhours call out and continue her evening. Our customer appreciated the time spent over the phone to help her out of the situation. However, to get a better insight into the customer’s leaking tap situation, we also arranged an appointment for the next day to suit the customer.

Upon our investigation, we found that the customer had a ten-year-old Grohe shower mixer in the wall that was leaking.  To fix the issue, a new Grohe tap cartridge was sought out to replace the faulty cartridge.  This particular cartridge was hard to find but we ended up locating one and arranged to pick it up for the customer.

The water supply was flushed and the new cartridge fitted and the tap ware reassembled.

The plumbing was checked to make sure the hot water wasn’t too hot and that the water pressure wasn’t to high for the new cartridge. After some tests, we ensured the hot water temperature was just right. The water pressure was also checked, and the customer was advised of her high water pressure of 1000kpa.

To help reduce her water pressure and ongoing costs, we also provided the Mont Albert North resident with a quote for a pressure reduction valve to be fitted at the front water meter, set at 500kpa – half of her existing water pressure.

Grohe shower mixerShe also enquired about new tap ware to the kitchen sink and repairs to her toilet suite in her bathroom.

After making the decision to move forward, all of these jobs were then followed up the week after and the customer now has all of her tapware up to date and running a lot more efficiently.

Upon our return to the premises, we even found out that we had already been to this property before a few years ago!

backupWhether it’s tapware or advice you seek, Newman Plumbing is a reliable and reputable plumber in Melbourne eastern suburbs who is ready to take your call.

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