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merry christmas from newman plumbing

Merry Christmas from Newman Plumbing

December 9, 2020 10:04 am
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After what feels like a very long year, we are now almost at the end of 2020, and can finally enjoy some time together with family and friends. At Newman Plumbing, we have done our best to continue to provide our customers with the best possible plumbing services, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have taken extra safety measures and followed best practices as outlined by the Victorian Government to ensure that every one of our customers remained as safe as possible, whilst having access to professional and essential plumbing services. We really appreciate the support we have received during... View Article

close up of portable contactless payment machine

Contactless Payments

October 9, 2020 12:15 pm
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What a year 2020 has been! As a small family business, we have witnessed the challenges facing Melbourne firsthand. Here at Newman Plumbing, we care about our customers, and we are making the necessary adjustments to the way we work to guarantee your safety, while still delivering exceptional, prompt and efficient plumbing services. We have made some adaptations to ensure that we can continue to service the Melbourne Eastern suburbs while respecting the ever-changing work climate and government restrictions. Our Contactless Payment Methods A major shift we have seen this year, as we all try to adapt to a “new normal”,... View Article

solar panels

Environmentally Friendly & Cost-Effective Plumbing Solutions

March 12, 2020 1:59 pm
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Newman Plumbing prides itself on providing quality services and solutions to our valued customers and have done for over thirty years!   There are a variety of plumbing jobs that we provide plumbing services for to our customers, where we need to come up with prompt and reliable solutions for our customers plumbing concerns. The types of jobs that we attend to can vary from: changing over a kitchen mixer tap and other household tap ware to water saving fixtures servicing and replacing mains pressure hot water units that have let our customers down and replacing units to highly efficient... View Article

plumber call out fees

What does the Plumbers Call-Out Fee Cover?

February 27, 2015 12:08 pm
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While not everyone may be thrilled to be invoiced for a plumbing ‘call-out fee’, it is essential for any local plumber who intends to stay in business and deliver a high quality plumbing service to customers. Most plumbing call-out Fees generally cover the following items: – The time required to reach your location – The fuel costs of travelling to your location – Plumbing vehicle maintenance to ensure efficient service – Insurances – Fees to ensure Plumbing Licenses are kept up to date e.g. Newman Plumbing is a member of the Master Plumbers Association – General administration e.g. invoicing and... View Article

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards

November 23, 2011 5:19 am
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“You can save money, energy and water by using more efficient tap ware “ What is the WELS scheme? The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme requires certain water-using products to be labelled for water efficiency. The products covered under the scheme are clothes washing machines, dishwashers, showers, toilets, urinals and taps, with flow controllers optional. The scheme helps consumers make informed decisions when buying water-using products to save water and money. What does the WELS label mean? The WELS water rating label carries two important pieces of information to help consumers compare products: a one to six star rating on the... View Article

Is your plumbing a shipwreck!

November 15, 2011 9:38 pm
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Quite often we tend to our customers needs where a little bit of maintenance could have prevented costly repairs. Whether it is a leaking valve on the side of a mains pressure hot water unit, blocked downpipes and storm water drains flooding around the home in a heavy rain event. Leaking taps that finally give up on a weekend causing a costly after hours call out. With a little bit of maintenance to plumbing appliances or services around the home you can avoid an inconvenient “shipwreck”. Checking the condition of the hot water service at the side of the home... View Article

Hot Water Pipe

Plumbing Valves

September 1, 2011 11:29 pm
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 Wise Old Owl When replacing hot water units, Newman Plumbing use the existing valves where possible. When new valves are required, we only use quality valves due to their proven reliability and service. Quality companies that stand by their products and warranty. One company we use is RMC valves due to their proven reliability and wide range of valves, including pressure and temperature relief valves, tempering valves and non return isolating valves to suit all requirements. Isolating valves and pressure reduction valves to protect dishwashers and other household appliances. These connection points are all common plumbing points where leaks can occur around the home so... View Article

Home Heating

August 24, 2011 5:08 am
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Trying to keep warm this winter ! For a warm home it’s essential to keep your heating appliances serviced and maintained. The frequency of cleaning the heater will depend on local conditions, so regular inspection should be performed. To ensure that your heater continues to operate at peak efficiency, it should be serviced at two year intervals by a licensed gasfitter. This service of the heating unit will include all maintenance and adjustments to components such as burners, ignition system, fan assembly and heat exchanger. If a return air filter in the return air grille is fitted regular cleaning and checking... View Article

Drain Camera

Drain Camera Solutions

July 22, 2011 6:51 am
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With the use of modern technology such as drain camera’s and pipe locator’s you can save a lot of money avoiding unnecessary excavations and damage to landscaped gardens. Melbourne residents are able to use this latest technology to assess the condition and any problem areas within their drains and sewer pipes in their property. A lot of our customers assume that the cause of an overflowing sewer drain is something has been flushed down the drain and blocked the pipe. Most of the time the cause of such drain blockages can actually be confirmed to be tree root infiltration in the old... View Article


Hot Water goes Kaboom

July 8, 2011 1:45 am
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A recent article came to our attention. The story was about an exploding mains pressure hot water unit. “The hot water unit exploded on the roof of a factory in a large regional town in Victoria. The hot water unit travelled almost half a kilometre before it landed on the back porch of a house. Luckily no one was sitting there reading the morning paper at the time. Still, at 5.30am it was a pretty rude awakening for the occupants.” Apparently the thermostat failed and the hot water service kept heating up and it exploded. The pressure temperature valve must... View Article