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With the recent drought it is important to remain conscious about water conservation.

We were working recently in a magnificent period home in Mont Albert where our customer was questioning their water bill and the amount of water being consumed. We carried out a water audit on the home where all the appliances and tap ware were identified for their consumption. With beautiful old style bathrooms with the larger style “gold plated shower roses”. It came to our attention that these shower roses were water wasters. Our customer was not about to remove them and replace them due to the look and integrity of their bathroom. We installed water restricting discs within the connection of the shower roses to reduce the flow to 9 litre per minute and nobody would be the wiser! The Gold shower roses remained and our customer is now saving more water.

Work out how much water you use in the shower – To do this, multiply the flow rate of your shower head by the length of your shower in minutes. If you don’t know the flow rate, you calculate it this way. All you need is a bucket with increments on the side and a timer. Run the shower for 1 minute, collecting the water in the bucket. Turn off the shower and measure the amount of water in the bucket. If you collected 10 litres, the flow rate is 10 litres per minute and if you usually have 10 minute showers, it means you use around 100 litres of water every shower. Most showers combine around 30 per cent cold water with 70 per cent hot water, so in that 100 litre shower your hot water consumption will be around 70 litres.

Old shower heads typically have a flow rate of about 25 litres a minute, where as modern shower heads can have flow rates as low as 6 litres a minute. If you have a 10 minute shower every day, swapping an old shower head for a modern one could reduce the amount of hot water you use daily by around 133 litres.
If you have an older style shower head and cut down your daily shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes, you could reduce your daily hot water consumption by around 87 litres. If you have a supper  efficient shower head with a flow rate of around 6 litres a minute, cutting back your daily shower time from 10 minutes to 5 minutes will still save around 21 litres of hot water a day.

It’s simple maths; a 10 minute shower with an inefficient shower head will use about 175 litres of hot water; a 5 minute shower with a super efficient modern shower head uses about 21 litres of hot water. If you update your shower head and start taking shorter showers at the same time, your hot water consumption will drop by around 154 litres for every shower. That’s 154 litres of water that your hot water system doesn’t have to heat every day! Newman Plumbing carry a range of water saving tap ware.

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