Sewer Blockage and Plumbing Maintenance: Balwyn North Case Study

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Newman Plumbing recently received a call from a new customer residing in the eastern Melbourne suburb of Balwyn North. She reported that she had a blocked shower, and that the waste was overflowing from the sewer point outside their home, along with a few other niggling plumbing issues.

Balwyn North blocked drains

They had noticed the shower was slow draining and water was overflowing from a side grate in their pathway over the weekend. It was obvious that they had a sewer blockage in their property service sewer drain, but thought they would contact a Licensed plumbing professional, Newman Plumbing, to be sure.

Newman Plumbing were quick to attend the property and used our plumbing equipment to clear their sewer drain. Upon closer inspection, we also noticed further sections downstream towards a rear boundary shaft that also had tree roots.

We advised the customer of the further tree roots within the drain and that with the additional use of our specialised drain camera, we could inspect the issue further to ensure they do not encounter similar sewerage blocking issues in the near future. The Balwyn North residents were happy to proceed with our recommendation of a closer inspection and analysis.

By using our specialised drain camera, we were easily able to localise the issue and clear the drain completely from the top disconnector trap in the pathway to the rear boundary trap downstream. A further section of drain from the kitchen at a rear disconnector trap was also checked and cleared.

The entire drain was cleared with the 100mm cutter and the drain was inspected with our drain camera once more. Newman Plumbing then updated the customer on the condition of their old earthenware sewer drains and tree root invasion that had occurred to cause the sewer blockages within their sewer drain.

Newman Plumbing Services Melbourne - Authorised Vaporooter Applicator

The drains were in good condition and the customer was advised about our Sanafoam Vaporooter sewer maintenance program due to the infiltration of tree roots in their sewer drains.

They wished to proceed with an application of Sanafoam Vaporooter for their sewer drains with our Newman Plumbing guarantee and further ongoing maintenance to prevent future sewer blockages and further damage to their old earthenware sewer drains.

Our Sanafoam Vaporooter sewer maintenance program is a great solution in maintaining the integrity of the sewer drains and preventing costly excavations and repairs. The service was booked in at the completion of the job and the Balwyn North residents now have peace of mind.

While we were on the job, the customer also mentioned a problem with their shower taps. We were more than happy to take a look at these as well and found that the taps were outdated and showing signs of wear and tear. We recommended the taps be replaced in the near future if they wanted to safeguard their bathroom for any possible extensive plumbing damage.

fixing blocked sewer drain

The customer again decided to move forward with our recommendations, so that they could eliminate any plumbing headaches and surprises in the coming months. We then replaced the shower taps with new hard-wearing chrome tapware; shower rose and spindle extensions to suit.

We also repaired a section of 50mm PVC waste pipe that wasn’t discharging into the sewer drain properly at the side of their home and re-cemented the concrete mound to its original look.

The customer also had a water hammer problem, where we located an old water valve to a low-pressure hot water unit that had been left on. This valve was creating water hammer in the system due to the jumper valve – washer – creating water hammer.

This Balwyn North case study highlights the importance of regular plumbing maintenance, especially blocked drains, and how simple it can be to rectify the issues through the assistance of a quality plumbing service.

If you’re experiencing any issues – big or small, we recommend giving us a call so that we can take a closer look and rectify any issues for you as well. Newman Plumbing on call – 0418 328 767

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