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For maintenance of the septic tank system at home or work, try this product….

K37 Septic Tank Treatment 1Litre
K37 Septic Tank Treatment 1Litre
Product Details: Beneficial friendly bacteria formulated to easily and cost effectively digest and accelerate the breakdown of sewage, paper, proteins, starches, fats, oils, grease, etc. for complete septic tank cleaning.
Problems Solved: Rapidly restores & cleans septic tanks to peak performance and removes
the offensive odours and thereby reduces the volume and frequency of pump-outs.
Directions for Use: Apply 1 litre per 2,000 litre tank capacity for septic tank cleaning by inserting directly into the toilet and apply flushing twice every three months.
– See Directions on Bottle for application.

How It Works

AppleMarkDrain Cleaner – Drain Cleaning

Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions offer a natural drain cleaner that combines low cost, effective drain and septic system cleaning with all natural ingredients and is environmentally safe.
Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products were created as an alternative to other drain cleaning products that may work on your drains and septic systems as they are toxic to our environment.
Our drain cleaning products contain a bacteria formula that works without the chemicals, caustics, acids and solvents that are very hazardous to humans and the environment.
So, how does Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products work to clear your drains and treat your septic tank system without damaging the pipes and more importantly the water systems it flows through?
Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions offers drain cleaner products that contain 6 specifically select patented bacillus bacteria with each strain producing enzymes resulting in an extremely powerful biological product breaking down the source of the problem. Molecules which make up odours, blockages and stains are joined together by difficult chemicals. These molecules are joined by these chemicals. With specific, highly concentrated mixture of bacteria, the drain cleaner produces multiple enzymes which safely break down the chemicals which join the molecules.
The problem has been removed naturally through this drain cleaning process, with no masking agents covering the odour and no harsh chemical cleaners were used to treat the problem.
Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products, gobble up those food particles, fats and oils and leaves your plumbing drain pipes and septic tank systems clear and odour free.
Technically speaking, Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions patented biological formula is naturally occurring bacterium specifically selected and developed to degrade organic pipe deposits.
When Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products are applied to your plumbing system, it jump starts microbial activity with bacterial cultures that rapidly break down carbohydrates, cellulose and fats.

Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products are safe and effective for a multitude of uses:

Home: Toilets, Kitchens, Showers, Basins, Baths, Laundry Troughs and Septic Tanks
Recreational: Motor Homes, Caravans, Boats,
Commercial: Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Cafes, Shops, Portable Toilets
Institutional: Nursing Homes, Hostels, Hospitals and other industries

Our patented Bacteria found in Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions products are a living organism which are susceptible to chemicals. When using both chemicals and our drain maintenance and cleaning products, the chemicals kill the bacteria, affecting the performance of our product. For this reason we strongly recommend to avoid the risk of cross contamination and misuse of the products in order to obtain the best results.

The products from Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions are combined to maintain healthy and clean plumbing fixtures and waste pipes around the home and office.
The cleaning products combined with the drain and waste products provide a solution to foul odours and clogged drains and waste pipes around the home.
With an extensive website at it is easy to select the required product for your application and begin the natural solution to blocked drains and waste pipes around your home and office.

The products can be ordered online from the website and the transaction completed with products delivered safely to your home or office anywhere in Australia.
For more information on Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions and our products please click on the website link:




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