Save The Environment, And Your Hip Pocket Just in Time for Christmas!

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Water wastage in Australia is a big deal, not just for the environment, but also for your hip pocket.

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With the cost of living ever increasing, every drop of water from a leaking tap, wonky faucet or damaged hot water heater is a drain on your finances. Fortunately, unlike most things in life, there is an easy solution, one your local Newman Plumbing team can provide for you.

Melbourne’s eastern suburbs get their water from the ash forests in the Yarra Ranges; however, like any of the country’s water supplies, it is under threat. As we head into the hotter months of the year, it is important to be conscientious of your water use. This means taking care of potential plumbing problems, as well as limiting your water use on gardens and during showers. Although clogged drains may not immediately come to mind as water wastage, they can be a major cause of pipe damage, which in turn causes hidden leaks.

If you have noticed your water bills climbing, but are certain you haven’t used any more water than usual, you may have a leaking pipe, hidden from view. Another type of hidden leak can come in the form of a damaged water heater. It pays to inspect your water heater regularly and ensure there are no leaks or signs of corrosion which could soon cause trouble.

Not only can a water heater waste a large amount of water very quickly, a leaking system can rapidly increase your electricity or gas bill. To top it off, leaking water heaters can be very dangerous, which is why it is important to hire professional plumbers, such as Newman Plumbing, to get the job done properly and safely.

If you are planning to have guests and family over this Christmas holiday season, the last thing you need is buckets all around the house filling up with leaking tap water, malfunctioning toilets or a kitchen without water. For most people, Christmas is stressful enough, without being frustrated by plumbing problems, all of which can be taken care of by our local plumbers in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

While it might be tempting to leave these tasks until you can ignore them no longer, doing so will put you at a risk of needing them fixed right in the middle of the Christmas rush. With only ten weeks until Christmas, it’s important to get your plumbing maintenance done as soon as possible.

Whatever your water, drain or pipe problems, Newman Plumbing is ready and waiting to prepare your home ahead of the holiday season.

Don’t let dripping taps, leaking hot water or dangerous blockages ruin Christmas, call us today and get your water wastage problems and leaking tap Melbourne-wide fixed by our friendly professionals, saving both you and the environment.

Newman Plumbing – on call for Melbourne’s eastern suburbs – 0418 328 767


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