Replacing Plumbing Hoses to Plumbing Fixtures

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As the warmer weather sets in and summer only around the corner, the sound of running taps is rampant all across the country. The holiday season is approaching, and most of us are caught in a balancing act between finding ways to keep cool without blowing out our utility bills for the season.

The Start of The ProblemImage result for bathroom sink

After a few years of rotating through keeping things not too hot or cold, we’re not the only ones getting worn down. One of the biggest hazards faced across Australia, especially in older properties, is the breakdown of plumbing hoses in the home. Something as innocent as running a hose to the garden or hot water for the dishes can quickly turn to hundreds of dollars of repairs, and even injury.

About a decade ago, most homes in Australia switched from fixed copper piping to cheaper, more convenient hosing solutions. These plumbing hoses are often found between sink taps and water supplies, or in toilets and laundries. They’re metallic, bendable hoses that transport water all across the home, and while these flexible plumbing hoses seem great for homeowners and builders at first due to their cheap price, they come at a cost later down the road.

The Issues on The Rise

Now, one of the most common call-outs for plumbers in Australia is for the repair and replacement of plumbing hoses and other affected plumbing fixtures. But it’s not just the up-front cost of repairs and damages that flimsy fittings can lead to – you may already be seeing the impact on your water bill.

Leaky fixtures, hoses and taps account for a significant portion of bill shock in Australia. The holiday season is stressful enough; couple this with the cost of unexpected repairs, lost water and damaged property, and Santa’s sled might come in a little lighter than expected.

A Simple Solution

Thankfully, although a cause of significant damage, broken hoses are simple to fix when tackled early. Don’t wait until it’s too late – check under your sinks and know how to identify signs of a leak. Are there signs of copper corrosion, such as discolouration or rust? Is the outside of the pipe or hose wet? Is the water pressure lacking?

If you’ve noticed leaks coming from strange places, a lacklustre shower due to waning water pressure or a bit more usage on your water bill than expected, now might be the time to look for a professional.

Our local plumbers specialise in servicing Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. When you contact Newman Plumbing, you can rest easy knowing your property needs are being placed in the hands of a company with years of local experience and knowledge. We know leaking taps like the back of our hand, and have the knowledge to have your plumbing hoses, taps and fixtures fixed right, first time.


For more information on this subject, check out the video below on Aussie plumbing hoses beginning to burst

Plumbing hoses beginning to burst


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