Recycled water for the Pilbarra

November 11, 2010 5:57 am Published by
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An article came across the desk which was intriguing!
Recycled water leaving Tokyo may soon be carried to the Pilbara. The water could be used to wet down the iron ore dust in Pilbara ports.
Due to scarcity of water in the Pilbara, the recycled Tokyo sewage would come in handy for dust suppression and processing and would save local potable water.
In conjunction with Japan, West Australia will test the scheme which has the potential to deliver millions of water at reduced costs.
About 25% of the world’s iron is exported through the Pilbara ports, with much of it sent directly to Japan each year. Thousands of freighters return empty other than the huge volume of water taken on as ballast to stabilise the ships.
The intention now is to replace the ballast water, which can exceed 5MGL, with recycled Tokyo water. There will be a trial shipment where the recycled water is carried in drums so that any chemical changes can be monitored during transit.
West Australia’s trade commissioner in Tokyo said the idea had great potential.
“It would allow us to divert potable water and it’s better than the ships going back empty”.
Who would have thought!

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