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When replacing hot water units, Newman Plumbing use the existing valves where possible. When new valves are required, we only use quality valves due to their proven reliability and service. Quality companies that stand by their products and warranty. One company we use is RMC valves due to their proven reliability and wide range of valves, including pressure and temperature relief valves, tempering valves and non return isolating valves to suit all requirements. Isolating valves and pressure reduction valves to protect dishwashers and other household appliances. These connection points are all common plumbing points where leaks can occur around the home so this is where quality counts! Mains pressure reduction valves are sometimes required due to excessive water pressure. The installation of a pressure reduction valve installed on the mains pressure supply can prevent a variety of plumbing problems within your home, such as noisy plumbing, water hammer, leaking valves, and constant repairs to taps and toilets. So its a qualified licenced plumber that can diagnose these types of problems and provide an educated solution.

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Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions:
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The products from Blocked Drain Pipe Solutions are combined to maintain healthy and clean plumbing fixtures and waste pipes around the home and office.
The cleaning products combined with the drain and waste products provide a solution to foul odours and clogged drains and waste pipes around the home.
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