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A new customer that contacted us this week in Doncaster was under pressure!

Or should I say their plumbing was under pressure. They had a history of leaking tapware throughout the home, noisy plumbing such as “hammering pipework” and a loud washing machine. The toilet cisterns were loud filling with water especially at night. The home had two bathrooms where if the toilet was flushed in the middle of the night the noise of the toilet cistern filling would wake the “parents” up.

After listening to their plumbing concerns and previous history of plumbing problems it was obvious to us that there was a water pressure issue at hand. Sure enough after testing the mains cold water supply pressure, our water pressure testing gauge was reading a staggering 1300kpa water pressure. This was extremely high water pressure and was common in this area. The customers home was well maintained and had copper water supply lines throughout the home where the flow was excellent. Alterations were made to the external mains cold water plumbing supply pipes, where a quality pressure reduction valve was fitted. The new valve fitted was appropriate to the plumbing pressure and flow concerns of the home. The new quality pressure reduction valve was of an adjustable type where the cold water supply pressure was set at 500kpa. This made a significant difference in noise reductions to the plumbing within the home.

It is a real concern to plumbing appliances, tapware throughout the home, toilet cisterns, dishwashers, washing machines, mains pressure hot water units and of course possible burst pipes with such high water pressure. Warranty issues also need to be considered with such high water pressure as is indicated on appliance manufactures instructions re the “working mains cold water pressures” excepted for the appliances or the tapware installed.
The customer was relieved and so was her plumbing!

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