Noisy Plumbing and Water Supply to Your Home

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Experiencing annoying water “hammer like” noises within your home’s plumbing? You’re not alone and rest assured, it can be easily fixed with the assistance of an experienced and licensed plumber.

All too often, handy men and women around the house or even inexperienced plumbers can be the cause of faulty, poorly performing and noisy plumbing. In fact, the maximum static pressure at any plumbing outlet within your home should not exceed 500 kpa.

The best method to check this is to connect a correctly calibrated pressure gauge to the meter outlet at the property boundary. The static pressure that is available from the water authority will be displayed. If the reading exceeds 500 kpa you will need to install a pressure regulating device. Still not sure how to check this? Newman Plumbing can help with a simple phone call to 0418 328 767.

An approved pressure limiting valve or adjustable pressure reduction valve can be installed by your licensed plumber. The valve can be installed anywhere in an accessible location on the cold-water line and is commonly installed at the water meter located at the front of the property.

There are a lot of benefits to your home’s plumbing and appliances by installing a pressure reduction valve such as:

  • Quietening your plumbing down yet still with good water flow
  • Appliances (including washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen mixer taps, toilet cisterns, hot water units, tap ware and your homes plumbing), will not be functioning under excessive water pressure.
  • Manufactures warranty information generally advise that your plumbing water pressure should not exceed 500 kpa in order to maximise product performance and not to void warranty.

So if you’re looking for a simple way to decrease noise and costs related to your home plumbing fixtures, it is good idea to check your home’s water pressure and install a pressure reduction valve to your homes plumbing if required.

Remember, a licensed and experienced plumber such as Newman Plumbing (who services the Melbourne eastern suburbs) always knows best. Give our friendly team a call today on 0418 328 767 and we’ll provide a cost effective, noise-free environment for your home.



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