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Busy and flat out looking for a Melbourne Hot Water repair plumber?
Welcome to Newman Plumbing.

Regular maintenance and repairs ensure long service from your homes hot water unit.
As they say “prevention is the best cure” and this is where a professional plumbing service can advise and repair your homes hot water unit.
There are many aspects to the homes hot water service and plumbing that can become a safety hazard.

  1. Do you know what the different valves are and what to do in an emergency?
  2. What to do to maintain your hot water unit?
When you are having problems with your hot water unit, you want to call on an experienced same day hot water plumber. That’s why over thirty years Newman Plumbing have repaired hundreds of hot water units across Melbourne and the eastern suburbs.
Newman Plumbing are licensed plumbers and are specialists in:

  1. Repairs to major brands
  2. New hot water installations
  3. Regular maintenance
  4. Replacement of leaking / faulty valves
  5. Rusty and dirty hot water
  6. Water hammer
  7. Energy efficient hot water
  8. Safety inspections.
It is common that people don’t think about their hot water service unit it has finally let them down.
With regular maintenance and advice you can save money and the inconvenience of no hot water at your home.
This is the reason more people call Newman Plumbing to service and replace their hot water unit.
With over 30 years of experience in hot water installations, maintenance and repairs. Our professional, highly trained plumbers turn up on time, provide an upfront quotation for works to be completed and can supply, repair and install a range of hot water units to suit each individual circumstance.
Newman plumbing will provide a variety of solutions with energy efficiency,  the homes hot water supply demand and prompt installation a priority.
Newman Plumbing are called out to homes for a variety of hot water problems from their clients,
leaking and overflowing hot water tanks, to luke warm or cold water coming through the taps.
If you have noticed your hot water system fails to meet the families supply demand due to your homes requirements, or the water isn’t as hot as it used to be, it could be due to a faulty valve or sediment built up within the tank.
Our hot water plumbers can help with emergency repairs, they can also help prolong the life of your hot water system with regular hot water maintenance every two years.
Temperature and pressure relief valves and anodes have a life expectancy of five years and are recommended to be replaced at these intervals. This type of regular hot water maintenance can save unplanned emergency call outs with a weekend drama!
Problems can occur due to incorrect hot water installation, so as our moto says, “Do It Once and Do It Right” and make sure you call the expert hot water plumbers at Newman Plumbing.

Plumber on Call: 0418 328767
“We’ve always appreciated Newman Plumbing’s fast response and problem solving both at home and our business”
Sue – Balwyn North
A licensed plumber should always work on your plumbing system

Contact Newman Plumbing on 98993442

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