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Many people maintain their asset that they can see but overlook underground sewer pipes. For a small cost you can have Newman Plumbing inspect your sewer drain and provide a DVD which will give you complete knowledge of your sewer drain condition. You will be able to view this for yourself and hopefully avoid yourself any costly relining or replacement pipe issues in the future, also not to mention the distribution of established gardens and concrete driveways and paths.

Tree roots grow into the junctions of older earthenware pipes cell by cell and enter the pipe eventually causing a blockage. While these have been cut out by using traditional cutting methods, the tree roots always grow back bigger and stronger, just the same as trimming a hedge.
When these tree roots grow back bigger and stronger they are also deteriorating the junctions in the earthenware pipes. The better solution to maintain these earthenware sewer pipes is to ring Newman Plumbing and apply the Sanafoam Vaporooter System which pumps a foam into the pipes under pressure containing a herbacide and root inhibitor. This will maintain the earthenware pipes condition until the next annual treatment and stop any further deterioration of the sewer pipes.
Find out about your sewer drain pipe condition by calling Newman Plumbing on phone 98993442 and maintain your asset – both above ground and underground!

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