Lighting Your Hot Water System

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You have just moved into your new home and you want a hot bath to reward yourself for all your hard work. Or, it could be that you’ve upgraded your existing hot water system. Either way, one of the most important installations you could face is lighting a hot water system.

Lighting a new system can be intensive – so here is your best practice guide, taken from instructions supplied by reputable hot water system supplier AquaMax.

Before lighting

  1. Make sure you fill the tank with water and switch on the water supply. This prevents serious damage to the storage cylinder and your water heater components.
  2. Gas connections must be checked for leaks by a licensed Gas Fitter and Plumber such as Newman Plumbing. It is also recommended to test the gas inlet and burner gas pressure.
  3. Never use tools to turn the gas knob – only your hand. If this doesn’t work, or the water heater is damaged, or you smell gas, call your local qualified service technician, such as Newman Plumbing.

Lighting instructions

  1. You should first remove your front access panel. This can be done by removing the screw retaining panel and lifting the panel out.Gas Energy Label
  2. Check your gas knob – it should be in the off position.
  3. Push the knob lightly before rotating to the pilot position, then depress fully until the star disappears. Press the knob for 20 seconds.
  4. Then, keep pressing and releasing the igniter button until you see the pilot flame. You should wait 5 minutes before trying again if you don’t see a change.
  5. Now, press the knob again for another 20 seconds and release.
  6. Push the knob again lightly before rotating to the ignition position.
  7. Hold for 5 seconds before releasing the knob. You should now hear a burner noise. If there is no noise, push and rotate the knob to the off position, then try again from step 3.
  8. Now, rotate the temperature adjustment dial for your ideal temperature.
  9. Replace your front access panel.

Aquamax How-to Guide Video

It’s important to have your hot water system installed by a reputable and qualified plumber. If you are in Melbourne, you can contact a licensed professional such as Newman Plumbing. We are based in the Melbourne eastern suburbs and can service your water appliances without any hassle to give you the comfort you deserve, especially in the colder Melbourne months.


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