Is your plumbing a shipwreck!

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Quite often we tend to our customers needs where a little bit of maintenance could have prevented costly repairs. Whether it is a leaking valve on the side of a mains pressure hot water unit, blocked downpipes and storm water drains flooding around the home in a heavy rain event. Leaking taps that finally give up on a weekend causing a costly after hours call out. With a little bit of maintenance to plumbing appliances or services around the home you can avoid an inconvenient “shipwreck”. Checking the condition of the hot water service at the side of the home and replacing it before it lets you down. A lot of the newer hot water units are far more economical to run than some of the older style units. Some new units with their stainless steel tank give a ten year warranty for peace of mind and provide an efficient five star rating. Not to mention these newer hot water units provide lots more hot water for the family home.
A lot of the older style steel cylinder hot water units are so inefficient they have a low 2 star rating.
Kitchen sink mixer taps that weep at the side and run down into the sink are a classic weekend after hours call out. The kitchen tap has been weeping for months and finally give way on the weekend. These type of after hours call outs can be averted as Newman Plumbing carry quality kitchen mixer taps and an array of other tapware for quick changeovers for the bathroom or laundry during the week. Leaking basin taps or shower taps can be replaced during the week in a pre arranged appointment to suit all involved. While the taps are being replaced Newman Plumbing generally check the water pressure to your home which can help with further diagnosis of plumbing problems around the home. High water pressure can cause noisy plumbing and the reason behind leaking taps and recent toilet cistern repairs. High water pressure can cause problems with dishwashers, washing machine hoses and hot water valves. Water hammer within the home is also contributed by high water pressure. Sometimes it is just a case of being aware of potential problems that can occur and being able to isolate the problem.
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