How To Take Care Of Bathroom Odours

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Bathroom odours can be found in even the cleanest of homes, and in many cases represent nothing to worry window in bathroom

However, while most bathroom odours are perfectly normal, it should also be noted that strong, unexplained and stubborn smells may indicate a plumbing issue. If you believe your bathroom might fall into this category, make sure you call a professional, licensed plumber as soon as possible to investigate the issue.

But what should you do in the meantime? There are several steps you can take to potentially save yourself from paying a plumber for their call out service fee.

Newman Plumbing has collated a handy list of these tips, which can help you neutralise persistent bathroom odours and keep your bathroom guest-ready.

1. Make sure your bathroom is well ventilated

Bad smells thrive in poorly ventilated spaces, so make sure that fresh air is able to move in and out of the bathroom at all times. To maintain good ventilation, it is a good idea to open windows when the bathroom is humid (such as during or after a shower) and to keep the door open when it is unoccupied.

2. Invest in air fresheners


There are plenty of cutting-edge air fresheners on the market that help to neutralise odours rather than simply cover them up, as well as leave a pleasant scent in the room. Invest in a few air freshener sprays and ensure they are readily available to use in the bathroom. Or, purchase a freshener that automatically dispenses a fresh smell into the air every hour – this will ensure your bathroom is consistently fresh smelling.

3. Light a candle or two

Candles are fantastic for neutralising odours thanks to the heat and smoke they generate. While scented candles may add a nice aroma to the room, unscented versions work just as well at odour elimination. Of course, it is important to remember never to leave a candle unattended, and to blow it out when you leave the room.

4. Make sure towels are clean and dry

hang bathroom towels

Damp or dirty towels can easily cause odour issues, so it is important to hang towels to dry after every use. While it may be common practice to hang towels on the back of doors, this can slow down drying and allow bacteria to multiply.

In addition to this, washing your towels regularly will also help to eliminate pungent smells.


If you find these steps aren’t doing the trick, it could be likely that your bathroom has a blocked drain. The Newman Plumbing website can help you find out more about symptoms of blocked drains, or feel free to give us a call on 0418 328 767




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