How to Reduce Your Gas Bills

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Higher than expected gas bills?

Nothing can be more stressful than continually receiving soaring gas bills in the mail. While you might not be able to anything about the cost of the gas itself, your gas plumber can help you find out the contributing factors and advise you on ways to minimise your energy consumption.

Here are some possible reasons for higher than expected gas bills and ideas on how you might be able to minimise them.

1. Setting a Comfortable Temperature

What is a reasonable temperature for your home? We are all different, but by wearing appropriately warm or cool clothing you should be perfectly comfortable in temperatures ranging from 20C in winter to 25C in summer. Wearing seasonal clothing and resetting the temperature control on your heaters and air conditioners could easily reduce your heating and cooling bills by 10 per cent.

2. Old Appliances

Appliances in your home that are older than about ten years are not very energy-efficient compared to products currently on the market, largely due to improvements in technology. These days, you can identify with energy efficient appliances by their star rating – a great starting point to keeping your bills down. Therefore, it might just be worth upgrading any old appliances to save more money in the long term. Alternatively, it might be a good opportunity to simply order some maintenance services.

3. Fix and Replace Your Appliances

It is commendable that your water heater has lasted for more than ten years. However, it’s probably not performing as well as it should. By contracting a licensed gas plumber, such as Newman Pluming, you can get help to maximise your gas appliances.
Along with saving you money on your ever-increasing gas bills, a licensed gas plumber can help you prevent accidental burns and save energy at the same time.

4. Wait for a Full Load

Dishwashers and washing machine are not economical if you are cleaning just a few items. Fill a basin with water and hand-wash the few dishes that need to be washed right away. Wait for your laundry load to get full to put it in the washing machine. However, if your washing machine allows you to control your water level, then you can clean the few articles of clothing that you urgently need to wash.

If you’d like some more advice on how you can keep your gas and plumbing bills down, then contact Newman Plumbing. We are licensed gas plumbers who have everything you need to make your home energy-efficient, environmentally conscious and can help you save on those ever increasing gas bills.

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