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One of our valued Customers in North Balwyn we attended to this week was asking about the insides of there hot water unit!
They had a faulty pressure temperature relief valve that was leaking water. We replaced the faulty pressure temperature relief valve and serviced the hot water unit. The hot water unit was wasting a lot of water, although the garden was very green near the hot water unit! We were talking about their hot water service and how it was a stainless steel cylinder which contained the hot water at a high temperature. I advised our customer that their unit was a stainless steel cylinder and it did not require an anode which you find in the conventional vitreous enamel steel type cylinders. The anode is a rod that protrudes into the hot water unit and over time water will rust the anode before “attacking” the actual steel cylinder. The stainless steel tank that they had can store water at a much higher temperature than a vitreous enamel tank. Our customer already had a gas Aqua Max hot water unit, so they did not have to worry about changing an anode as the unit does not require one. We basically talked about the construction of different hot water services and the different advantages of their mains pressure gas hot water unit.

Here is an illustration of an anode and the inside of an electric hot water unit with an anode.

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