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How hot should I have my hot water?

This is a very common question asked from a customer in Doncaster.
The temperature of the hot water is set by the installer and should be adjusted to suit the customers needs. The temperature within a stored hot water cylinder should be adjusted to no higher than 60C at the top of the cylinder. If it is set higher than this, the water may scald the user, and also limescale deposits may form in hard water areas. Equally, the water should not be stored  at a temperature much below this as the growth of legionella bacteria may occur.

Legionella is rarely a problem in domestic homes. The bacteria are killed off above
60C and will not survive very long at this temperature. However, they can survive within the temperature range of 20-45C. They can be dangerous to people and are transmitted when water is in a misty or vapour form, so areas around shower outlet sprays could be vulnerable if the water is maintained at too low a temperature. The best alternative to use where cooler  water temperatures are required it to store the water at 60C and then use a mixing valve, which mixes hot water with a quantity of cold water to reduce the temperature to the desired level.

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