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A Customer this week in Camberwell asked what the advantages were with their new Aqua Max 390 mains pressure hot water unit. So we explained to them that the Aqua Max 390 has a patented inbuilt mixing valve giving them 390 litres in the first hour of hot water delivery. While the tank holds 155 litres, the stainless steel cylinder can store water at a much higher temperature than a vitreous enamel tank. The mixing valve {Control A} adds a controlled mix of cold water at the units hot water outlet, giving 205 litres of more hot water delivery in the initial draw, at 60C or at the setting you choose when Control B is set at 4.5 or higher.
With 185 litres recovery per hour after that, the Aqua Max 390 is the largest volume domestic storage water heater available.
{A} A water mixing valve labelled “Control A” which controls the temperature of water delivered from the unit. By opening the water mixing valve the heater can deliver water below 50C while the tank water is maintained above 60C.
{B} A thermostatic valve labelled “Control B” which controls the temperature of the tank water.
Constructed from high grade stainless steel, the Aqua Max stainless steel cylinder will resist corrosion for a substantially longer period than the conventional vitreous enamel and bonded ceramic cylinders as well as copper heat exchangers used in continuous flow units. With it’s high efficiency star rating and the stainless steel constructed storage tank there is NO anode to replace re future maintenance. A ten year warranty for the stainless steel cylinder, as well as a 12 month warranty on the whole unit for parts, ensure you have peace of mind. These are a few reasons why we choose the Aqua Max 390 hot water service for our customers.
They are just an easy unit for our customers to operate and to service.

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