Hot Water Problems In Kew

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It’s probably fair to say that many of us pay little attention to our hot water heating system. It just sits there and does its job. Until it doesn’t. Suddenly, we’re faced with an anxious situation. In normal times, that’s bad enough, but during a Covid-19 lockdown scenario (something we are all too familiar with here in Melbourne), it’s easy to understand how this can become a major cause of stress and anxiety.

That’s Our Starting Point

This was the situation at a home in Kew recently. A family of six contacted us when they suddenly realised that their hot water unit had sprung a leak. With half a dozen people in the home, they needed to restore a constant supply of hot water as quickly as possible!

They made a wise choice by contacting our team here at Newman Plumbing. As experienced plumbers in the Melbourne eastern suburbs, we were on-call and ready to deal with the situation.

After swiftly assessing the problem, it was clear that a new hot water service with new valves was required to solve the frustrating situation. So, we removed the old hot water unit and supplied and fitted a superb new replacement unit.

A Valuable and Vital Extra Service

After fitting the new unit and checking it was safely up and running, you might think our job was done. Not so.

Firstly, we always leave our Newman Plumbing sticker in plain view so that our customers instantly know how to contact us for any future plumbing emergencies.

Then, we always take the time to talk our customers through the lighting process and identify to them the relevant water and gas isolation points for their home.

A Problem Spotted

Back to our family in Kew, after undertaking a quick gas test leak, we noted a small leak on the old connections to their gas meter. We instantly notified the gas company. They made the necessary repairs and are also planning to relocate the gas meter outside of the family’s home.

How Can Newman Plumbing Help You?

As our family in Kew discovered, it certainly pays to seek out the services of an experienced, professional and fully licenced plumber.

Finding one who is locally based is also helpful, especially when you require urgent assistance during an emergency. Even more so if you find yourselves in the middle of a lockdown situation!

So, if you require the services of skilled plumbers in Kew or another Melbourne eastern suburb, please contact us here at Newman Plumbing today.

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