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Recently we were called out to a home in Surrey Hills to service an internal hot water unit that had been installed in a garage. It was to our great concern that the lawn mower and a can of fuel were stored nearby. There are lots of safety issues with hot water units that need to be recognised. Not only for the safety of the installation but also for servicing and efficient operation of the hot water unit.  The position of the hot water service installed at your home should be close to the most frequently used outlet and its position chosen with safety and service in mind. Make sure members of the family, particularly children will not touch the flue. Clearance around the hot water unit must be allowed for servicing of the hot water unit. With this in mind the water heater must be accessible without the use of a ladder or scaffold. For maintenance purposes the temperature pressure relief valve lever should be accessible and the front cover and burner can be removed for service. An internal water heater that is installed in a room or enclosure must have adequate ventilation. There are strict regulations for ventilation and positioning of internal hot water units. The water heater must not be installed in an area with a corrosive atmosphere where chemicals are stored or where aerosol propellants are released. Remember the air may be safe to breath, but when it goes through a flame, chemical changes take place which may attack the water heater. It may sound obvious but it is amazing how newspapers and similar articles are stored close to water heaters which is such a dangerous practice. These are just a few points of safety regarding the position and installation of your hot water service.
There are lots of regulations that are related to the installation of hot water units and their position. The warranty of a new unit can become void if relief valves or other safety devices are tampered with or if the installation is not in accordance with the instructions.
Its worth taking a look and finding a “better” spot to store the mower and the can of fuel!

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