Hot Water goes Kaboom

July 8, 2011 1:45 am Published by
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A recent article came to our attention.
The story was about an exploding mains pressure hot water unit.
“The hot water unit exploded on the roof of a factory in a large regional town in Victoria. The hot water unit travelled almost half a kilometre before it landed on the back porch of a house. Luckily no one was sitting there reading the morning paper at the time. Still, at 5.30am it was a pretty rude awakening for the occupants.”

Apparently the thermostat failed and the hot water service kept heating up and it exploded. The pressure temperature valve must have also failed, been blocked or capped off. An extremely dangerous situation all round!
The story was relating to “do it yourself” projects that had gone wrong.

You really have to question the money saved by not gaining the expertise and services of a trained professional licenced plumber. Not only to service your hot water service or gas appliance but while at your home they can make you aware of any potential problems and safety issues regarding your plumbing appliances around your home.
Often while servicing a ducted heating unit, the hot water unit is nearby and quick observations can be made and advised to you.
The condition and life expectancy of an appliance. The condition of relevant valves, isolating stops. Advice on correct temperatures and operation of your gas appliance. There are lots of stories to do with appliances failing and causing damage to homes. Not as dramatic as the previous hot water story!
But leaking valves and water damage or just appliances not functioning properly and costing more to run.

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