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30 year old heating unit in Mont Albert North

30 year old heating unit in Mont Albert North

Most of us here in Melbourne use a heating unit day in, day out every winter, without issue. However, when we place such high demand on our unit every day, even several times a day, over a number of years – this can result in wear and tear as the unit ages, increasing its stress load, resulting in less efficiency and reliability.

This was exactly the case for a customer we recently attended to in Mont Albert North. They called us here at Newman Plumbing, as they were experiencing problems with their gas ducted heating unit.  The gas-ducted heater had been regularly serviced and had given our customer good service over many years, but the unit was showing its age.

It is important to know when it’s time to replace an old unit for a much more efficient appliance. A good starting place is the Newman Plumbing website’s heating page, or dialing our number to book your hot water service 0418 328 767.

In this instance, the old heating unit in Mont Albert North was at least thirty years old and was causing the owner reliability issues. The best solution here was to simply replace the heating unit with a new, more efficient unit with a new easier to use internal thermostat.

The new unit was replaced and alterations to gas plumbing to suit.  A new thermostat was installed on an internal wall and the unit was commissioned ready for the customer to use.

We then removed the old gas heating unit and all the associated rubbish from the home where it was then taken to a local recycling depot.

replacement heating unit in Mont Albert North

Replacement heating unit in Mont Albert North

Once installed, our customer immediately noticed the dramatic difference between the two heating units. The heating within the home had improved immensely with the more efficient heating unit and fan operation. Just to be sure, we also checked and adjusted the home’s ductwork floor registers so that they were delivering good airflow within the homes ducting system.

If you suspect that your heating unit might be in need of a service or replacement like our Mont Albert North customer, then please contact us.

It is a wise choice to get your ducted heating unit and gas appliances serviced every two years to check for carbon monoxide as well as just checking that your gas appliances are functioning at their most efficient manner.

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