Help! My Gas Hot Water Unit Has Burst!

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One Saturday morning the phone was ringing here at Newman Plumbing. We picked up promptly to find that on the other end, was a distressed voice with an urgent call regarding a gas hot water unit. The new customer informed us that their gas hot water unit had burst! So, they gave Newman Plumbing a call due to our highly regarded services and positive reviews they had found on Google.

While a burst gas hot water system is an emergency in any case, this situation was a little different. The hot water system resided in a rental property in the Melbourne eastern suburb of Doncaster.

Given the situation, we quickly arranged to meet the landlord onsite at the property. We then diagnosed the issue and determined that a new mains pressure hot water unit was required.

As part of our plumbing service, we helped organise the new mains pressure gas hot water unit, along with the completed paperwork and the invoice was paid with our convenient mobile EFTPOS machine.

From there, it was simply a case of supplying and installing a Newman Plumbing recommended, higher quality, 5-star efficient hot

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water unit. We were then happy to remove the old unit and all associated rubbish from the home.

On completion of the job, the tenant was advised about the operation of the new hot water service and the relighting instructions. They were also advised that we have a video about the hot water unit lighting procedure on our hot water page on our website to help.

Along with this great resource, we have many other helpful videos and articles on our website’s blog. One in particular which was also useful to this Doncaster tenant, was about lighting your hot water system.

The new customer appreciated the prompt service on the Saturday morning for the hot water unit replacement.

“There’s nothing worse than going to step into a hot shower on a cold Melbourne morning, and finding out your hot water system has burst! Luckily, we found Newman Plumbing.”

Since our new customer found us online and contacted us through our website for an immediate response, they mentioned they had other rental properties and were glad to find our services to help them out.

Before we left the residence, we also applied new Newman Plumbing stickers to the hot water unit and the old gas ducted heating unit for future reference. Plus, they make an easy ‘go to reference’ when it comes time to service their new gas appliances (especially if there is a different tenant in the property).

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If you need prompt and reliable plumbing services or want to ensure your hot water system functions as it should for the Melbourne winter, just phone Newman Plumbing – “Plumber on Call” 0418 328 767.

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