Gas Ducted Heating Problem In Box Hill

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A call came into our Newman Plumbing team recently requesting an emergency Box Hill plumber. That’s one of the many Melbourne eastern suburbs where we provide professional plumbing services and repairs. In this case, there was a problem with the property’s gas ducted heating system.

The Situation We Discovered and What We Did About It

On arrival, we assessed the Box Hill resident’s heating system and found that it was clearly showing signs of age and was definitely faulty.
Our assessment found a cracked heater exchange. When such cracking happens in a heating system like this one, it can lead to air from the blower to cause the flame to flicker or go out. The real danger however, is that such cracking allows deadly carbon monoxide gas (CO) to be produced. This was the case here!

Our plumbing expert set to work and soon replaced the old unit with a more efficient and modern gas ducted heater. At the same time, we replaced the previous thermostat with a new and easier to use model sited inside the customer’s Box Hill home.

Before we left, we collected up the old unit, and the associated material from the job, and took them all away with us, like we always do!

Two Important Lessons to Learn From This Situation

1. The first lesson highlights the importance of carbon monoxide detectors in any property. This highly poisonous gas, rightly known as a silent killer, is

kaden heating unit - box hill case study

undetectable through smell or taste. So, the first lesson is to make sure you don’t simply have such monitors but to check each is in full working order.
You can find out more about this silent killer in our Carbon Monoxide awareness post.

2. The second lesson is to not neglect your ducted heating unit. If yours is properly serviced and maintained, then it can provide years of faithful service. The replacement of a single part at the right time can save much more serious, and costly, problems further down the line. Book in your service with Newman Plumbing today.

We’re Ready to Provide The Optimal Plumbing Service Your Heating Unit Needs

Newman Plumbing is a fully licensed gasfitter, delivering professional services to clients who require expert plumbers in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. So, as summer arrives, this is a terrific time to ask us to test, check and service your gas ducted heating unit. Just give us a call on 0418 328 767.

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