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A customer this week in North Balwyn was let down by their ducted heating unit. The heating unit had not been serviced for some time and was in need of some care!
With the cold winter months quickly upon us, the ducted heating unit and hot water unit at the side of the home is working hard. It pays to have your gas appliances serviced on a regular basis. Not just for the safety factor but also for an efficient and reliable appliance. There’s nothing worse than a cold shower first thing in the morning or no heating of an evening. With regular servicing and maintenance of gas appliances they should give you years of quality service in your home. It is important that gas burners are working properly. Pilots and other gas controls are checked for their operation and wear. Heating fans should be clean and circulating free. There are lots of components and valves that need to be operational and in good working order. A regular maintenance service to your gas appliance can ensure trouble free heating and hot water.

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