Forget Master Chef, here’s Master Plumber

June 8, 2011 10:28 pm Published by
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This was an article that grabbed our attention this week.
“There has been reality TV shows about chefs, fashion designers, singers, dancers, business people. Now it’s the plumbers turn!
Young Talent of the year is a prime time BBC reality TV  show finding top young talent across the UK.
Aimee Patterson has been revealed as the winner of the BBC3 Talent show Young Plumber of the year. The BBC series Young Talent of the Year, which first ran in 2009 celebrates dedicated young professionals who are devoted to perfecting their craft.
There are five episodes, each of which focuses on finding the brightest talent from a particular profession.
The show, which was broadcast on BBC3, featured four young plumbers who had been handpicked from hundreds of applicants. Their skills were tested to the limit with four gruelling tasks by the two judges. The country’s best young plumbers went head-to-head for the title of Young Plumber of the Year in a fierce competition. It came a battle of the sexes as the sole female entrant battled it out with the guys unblocking drains and toilets, showing off their pipe skills and getting creative with mind blowing fountains. They were tested on their technical knowledge in a question and answer section. Aimee did very well under considerable pressure and was thrilled to win.”
We thought this was very inspiring and a great story.
(Reference: Outlet. The Official Reece Customer Update. Issue 115 June 2011)

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