Feeling the Pressure During Covid-19 Melbourne Lockdown

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We’re all feeling the pressure during this current Melbourne Covid-19 lockdown, but it’s not just us – it’s also important household appliances that are expected to perform day in day out at an increased capacity.

Need a Hot Water repair or Installation Service?How do we know? Because we’re Licensed Plumbers who service the Melbourne eastern suburbs, and if there’s one thing that we’ve seen increase during lockdown, it’s the servicing and replacement of hot water units!

Melbourne households rely greatly on their hot water units, especially during winter, but this winter has been a little more different than usual. With the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in place, more and more people have been working from home, which has placed extreme pressure on hot water units, particularly those that were already in need of replacement.

At Newman Plumbing, we have seen countless old units failing to keep up and have replaced these units with more efficient and reliable units. Not only has this helped our customers to stay comfortable, it has also managed to save them some money in the long term with more efficient systems resulting in lower running costs.

If your hot water is still working, but you suspect it might be under increased pressure due to all of the extra usage – then it might be time for hot water maintenance service. By inspecting your unit, we’ll provide you with the best recommendation – a new and efficient hot water unit, or some professional plumbing services so that you can get the optimum performance for your home’s existing hot water.

At Newman Plumbing, we’re here to help our Melbourne customers so that they can rely on their appliances and tap ware during isolation at home.

Please call us to book in your appointment or for more information.


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