Excessive Water Pressure in Balwyn – A Case Study

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We received a call recently from a customer in their Balwyn home who had identified an issue with their plumbing – a very loud and noisy issue!

This included what is often called ‘water hammer’ sounds from their pipes. For instance, the washing machine was much louder than before and even the toilets appeared to be making more noise as they refilled.

What These Symptoms Suggested

This excess of noise can suggest a problem with excessive water pressure. This can be a problem throughout whole areas of a suburb, rather than in just an individual property. This is why it pays to use the services of experienced and licenced plumbing professionals. Armed with our local knowledge of Balwyn, our plumber knew the area well and acted swiftly.

Testing and Fixing

Once our experienced plumber was on-site, this preliminary high water pressure diagnosis was quickly confirmed. Excess water pressure can be a cause of a range of home plumbing problems. It can lead to a series of leaking pipe locations or problems with toilets and their water supply parts. Problems can also occur with taps and other valves and cartridges, appliances and mains pressure hot water units.

Having carefully diagnosed and assessed the specific problem, an effective solution was then provided. Such water pressure problems can often be fixed through the installation of a pressure reduction valve. It’s very important that this choice will be fully appropriate to the flow in any specific property. Its installation can make a significant reduction to those annoying plumbing noises mentioned earlier.

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Incidentally, water pressure problems can cause issues with product warranties – so it’s a problem better solved as soon as it rears its head!

Making Use of Local Melbourne Plumbing Expertise

For around three decades, Newman Plumbing professionals have delivered quality plumbing services and solutions to the Melbourne eastern suburbs.
As with our Balwyn client, we can quickly visit the locations of the many different plumbing problems we face every day. We then use our expertise to deliver proven and effective solutions to a wide range of anxiety-causing plumbing problems

If you’re experiencing any plumbing issues or concerns in your home, give us a call on 0418 328 767


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