Environmentally Friendly & Cost-Effective Plumbing Solutions

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Newman Plumbing prides itself on providing quality services and solutions to our valued customers and have done for over thirty years!


There are a variety of plumbing jobs that we provide plumbing services for to our customers, where we need to come up with prompt and reliable solutions for our customers plumbing concerns.

The types of jobs that we attend to can vary from:

  • changing over a kitchen mixer tap and other household tap ware to water saving fixtures
  • servicing and replacing mains pressure hot water units that have let our customers down and replacing units to highly efficient hot water units
  • properly clearing blocked sewer and stormwater drains and providing maintenance solutions for our customers sewer or stormwater drains
  • supplying and installation of efficient home heating systems
  • replacement of leaking toilets to water saving toilet suites and cisterns
  • plus, many more plumbing maintenance jobs around the home

With many of our services provided at Newman Plumbing we always try to install and replace fixtures, appliances and

parts that are economical in the long run and are efficient users of water, gas or electricity.

We have written many plumbing blogs about exactly these points to help advise our customers and potential clients with making a quality plumbing choice. There is also a page on our website dedicated to these type of plumbing solutions. Furthermore, we are only a phone call away if you require some professional plumbing assistance.

Time to practice what we preach!

north balwyn plumberAs the owner of Newman Plumbing, you might be wondering – do we really practice what we preach? And the answer is of course, YES!

At our own home we have water efficient tap ware around the home, in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry with also tank water to supply toilets and laundry taps to further save water.

Energy efficient appliances and fixtures have been installed in the kitchen and bathroom to save on water and power supply.Also, we have recently upgraded our lighting to power saving LED light fittings.

All these types of water and power saving upgrades have been installed over time as tap ware, appliances and fixtures have failed or shown their age. These choices are both good for the environment as well as the house budget.

We have a North facing home with a large roof area facing the sun… Time for a Solar Panel System to be installed on our home.

solar panelsWe contacted Australian Energy Foundation for guidance and recommendations for installation of a solar system at our home.

Further information can be found on the Australian Energy Foundation website.

The description of their existence is:

We’re your trusted advisor that can provide guidance based upon customer interests first. We provide advice and referrals for quotes to our suppliers to make your home, business, community group or school more energy efficient.

With the help and guidance of Australian Energy Foundation we were recommended installation by Gippsland Solar where we have installed a 10kw Solar System on our home. The new solar system will not only supply our home but also put power supply back into the power grid.

Gippsland Solar have been involved in many large projects around Melbourne and country Victoria, also installations on many homes and businesses. We did our own research and were pleasantly surprised by the professional services provided to us by Gippsland Solar.

From accessing our home for the installation of a solar system, arranging a quote to take advantage of any government incentives, consultation and installation of our new solar system on our home, the process has been first rate.

gippsland solar logo

Gippsland Solar are a great company to deal with and we can only recommend them very highly. A big thanks to Gippsland Solar.


So, if you’re looking to make some energy efficient changes around your home, give us a call at Newman Plumbing on 0418 328 767.



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