The Electric Eel

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Electric Eel

What is an Electric Eel?

While it might sound like something you’d find at the bottom of a dark pond, The Electric Eel is a great little tool that we sometimes use to free up blocked drains around Melbourne. The Electric Eel unblocks drains and sewers with its cables that spin around inside the drain and rub against the pipe – similar to the motion of an eel. Over time and due to its heavy duty workload, these cable sections and cutters are vulnerable to breakages. It is for this reason that we always implement best practice protocol and replace the cables and cutters of our Electric Eels on a regular basis. This assists us in preventing breakages when the Eel is in use, which can potentially lead to costly excavations.

Electric Eel

If you’re not sure whether the Electric Eel is the right tool for the job – and sometimes this is the case, get in contact with your local Plumber, or contact us here at Newman Plumbing, and we’ll be happy to guide you or take care of your blocked drains for you.


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