Drain Cleaning for a Well-Oiled System

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Like any system, your drains need ongoing maintenance to ensure they continue flowing smoothly. Perhaps it is because they tend to be ‘out of sight, out of mind’, many people tend to neglect their drainage system until it becomes a serious (and costly) issue. Here we look at some of the ways that you can keep your drains running clearly and smoothly.

Understanding the early warning signs to help you avoid serious issues

Knowing when your drains need some extra attention can go a long way in avoiding more serious and frustrating problems. Listen out for gurgling in your pipes as water goes down, and don’t just ignore a bad smell if its coming up from your kitchen or bathroom sink. Water that takes longer than usual to go down, or perhaps reappears mysteriously in other sinks in your household or commercial property, are sure signs that you’ve got some drainage issues.

Tips for cleaning a blocked drain

drain cleanerIf you have a minor drainage issue, you can try breaking down the source of the build-up with drain chemicals that you can easily purchase in any supermarket or hardware store. These corrosive materials seep down into your drains and slowly breakdown blockages of hair, food scraps or a build up of sediment. While effective for minor blockages, you may find that chemicals aren’t enough to breakdown the obstruction or are just a temporary solution. Rather than risk the health and safety of your drainage system, be sure to seek professional advice that will ensure you pipes continue running for many years to come.

Despite our best efforts, blocked drains can still get the better of us from time to time. So, if you’d like the help of a reliable, highly-skilled professional, then don’t hesitate to contact Newman Plumbing today to assist with your drain cleaning needs.


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