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With the use of modern technology such as drain camera’s and pipe locator’s you can save a lot of money avoiding unnecessary excavations and damage to landscaped gardens. Melbourne residents are able to use this latest technology to assess the condition and any problem areas within their drains and sewer pipes in their property. A lot of our customers assume that the cause of an overflowing sewer drain is something has been flushed down the drain and blocked the pipe. Most of the time the cause of such drain blockages can actually be confirmed to be tree root infiltration in the old earthenware type drains. These type of drains are commonly found within the older style properties in Melbourne. The drain camera is a great tool to confirm the cause of a drain problem, where a constructive solution can be obtained with the use of modern technology.

In many situations the use of the drain camera can locate the exact location and depth of the problem area. The drain camera along with the pipe locator can allow the plumber to precisely identify the position where tree roots have infiltrated the drain or there has been movement in the earth and damaged has occurred to a drain. All this is viewed on a monitor and can also be taped onto a DVD for future reference.
You can imagine the time saved not to mention the money saved by the use of this technology. To be able to pinpoint a problem area or to just confirm the old earthenware drain is still in good condition and just needs to be maintained.
The drain camera is a great tool in accessing problems in drains and to provide an educated solution.

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