Detecting a water leak.

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Could you have a water leak at home ?

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If you have received a water bill that is higher than usual,
this could be the result of a leak on your property or within your home.
Water leaks can be any of the following:
  • Dripping hot or cold taps
  • Leaking/running toilet cistern
  • Burst water pipe under the house or underground in the garden
  • Faulty appliances including; hot water solar panels, hot water systems and evaporative coolers
  • New installed, faulty or incorrectly programmed sprinkler dripper systems
All of the leaks above will have an effect on your water bill. Even small water leaks can result in the loss of thousands of litres of water.
If you suspect that your water bill may be higher than usual due to a plumbing water leak, there are a few checks you can do yourself to investigate water usage at your property and test for a leak.
  • Check your water meter
  • Conduct a water leak test
  • Check your homes fittings and bathroom fixtures

How to conduct a leak test

You can conduct a simple leak test yourself to determine if a leak is likely responsible for your high water bill. This test will only take two minutes because if there are any leaks, they will show up during this short time. For this test to work it is important that you are not using any water in the property. Before you start please check the following:

  • That your stop tap is turned ON (if you turn it off no water will pass through the meter making this test redundant)
  • That you haven’t recently flushed the toilet
  • That you don’t have the dishwasher or washing machine running
  • That you don’t have evaporative cooling turned on
  • That no garden irrigation or sprinkler system is on.

Once you have confirmed that no water is in use on your property,
follow the instructions below on how to test for a water leak:

Step 1 To begin, write down the current readout on your meter (ensure you record the numbers on each dial on the meter).Step 2 Wait two minutes, then write down the meter read again. You should also watch the dials on your meter at this stage to see if they are moving.Step 3 If the numbers are the same and the dials aren’t spinning, this means there is no leak at the property. If the numbers are slightly different and the dials moved slightly, this can either be a small leak or could be a result of dripping taps or faulty appliances. 

What next?

After this test, if you suspect a leak at your property, we encourage you to contact Newman Plumbing to investigate further.              As a licensed plumber we can further investigate a suspect water leak at your home.
Plumber on Call: 0418 328767
“We’ve always appreciated Newman Plumbing’s fast response and problem solving both at home and our business”
Sue – Balwyn North
A licensed plumber should always work on your plumbing system

Contact Newman Plumbing on 98993442

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